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To get permission to study product design you have to produce a portfolio in advance and you have to pass a design aptitude test.
I have done it at FH Darmstadt in the design faculty in 1995 and really managed to get 111 out of 170 points and so passed it. But because of some reasons I didn't study it and decided to study computer science.

On this page you will find a few sketches I made additional to the portfolio.

Here are the drawings I made for my portfolio. The pieces should not be older than three months and you should be informed what they prefer at the individual university. At FH-Darmstadt they provide a portfolio consultation.
The portfolio should contain three articles of daily use which I personally take as good design.
I apologize for the bad quality, I just photographed them with my Kodak DC240. But if i get my fingers on a DIN A2 scanner...

drawing of a metal hand picture of that metal hand microskope
This is a drawing and a few photographs of a metal hand I made for the theme plastic human figure. My father has got a fancy old microskope with brass fittings.
coffee mill hands empty holding hands
This coffee mill is one of the objects with good design. Hands are often used in drawings wich show the usage of things.
patterns 1 patterns 2 5-edged panel
I thought much about the regular segmentation of areas. For example to bring back every regular area segmentation to a rectangle form, i.E. to use it in a computer programme. And the idea of me to part a area in pentagons with equal edges.
lamp cutlery Amiga 1200
A desk lamp I made for art in school. The metal surface is a sensor to switch on and off and to dim. This cutlery is another good job of design. And the Amiga 1200. Perfect design and has everything you need.


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